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Chronic Pain is usually the root cause of opiate addiction... here are some very healthy solutions!

This is how Paul Drockton lost 160 lbs and kept it off!!!

When Something goes down... something else is going up! Don't be paralyzed by fear!

US Treasury Secretary Makes Shocking Revelation About Stock Market Manipulation!

A detailed clear explanation on why prescription drug costs are skyrocketing!

Don't be fooled.. Commercial Hemp Oil is not Marijuana! The FDA said it is 100% legal!

CBD is already a billion dollar business! Now it's really going to explode! The problem is... every other product out there is only 4-8% absorbed by the body... This is the solutio...

You have the power through Initiative and Referendum to Reform Immigration and Voting Laws in Your State...

Paul explains how to use Initiative and Referendum to take back your State Govt. and push out the Corruption...

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